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4 May
i am taller, older and more sophisticated than you.
adult swim, aesthetics, androgony, aqua teen hunger force, at the drive-in, atari teenage riot, bauhaus, beck, belly, ben folds five, big black boots, black black gum, black glasses, blake babies, blind pig, blood, books, booty, braid, built to spill, cats, christie front drive, clive owen, clubbing, croupier, dancing, david sedaris, death cab for cutie, depeche mode, design, discount, drawing, earl grey tea, emo, erudition, fashion, fishnet stockings, fugazi, galaxie 500, gin, girls with glasses, glocks, godflesh, goth, graphic design, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, hiroshima prefecture, history, homestar runner, hoodies, indie rock, industrial music, japan, japanese caligraphy, japanese culture, japanese language, japanese movies, johnny cash, joy division, juliana hatfield, katsuhiro otomo, kittens, lemonheads, linguistics, mamoru oshii, manga, martinis, matthew sweet, meat beat manifesto, memento, mike hodges, mixtapes, modest mouse, monkeys, morphine, my bloody valentine, nation of ulysses, nick cave, nihilism, ninjas, p. k. dick, palace brothers, palace music, patsy cline, pavement, piercings, public enemy, punk rock, punk rock girls, radiohead, rainer maria, ramen, reading, repo man, robots, safety pins, sewing, shopping, sifl and ollie, snow, strategy, strong bad, strong women, sushi, takeshi kitano, tattoos, the cheat, the color black, the ladies, the pixies, the ramones, the simpsons, the smiths, the wedding present, tough girls, travel, velocity girl, velvet crush, walt simonson, will oldham, william gibson, writing, yoga, zombies

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